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With a focused anthropological interest in human decoration, I enjoy documenting and highlighting the interactions between people, animals, and their natural environments. Much of my work is influenced by global folk arts, from paintings and textile arts to historic storytelling and tattooing. I believe that we are surrounded by beauty at all times and that it is a fascinating and uniquely human attribute to use decoration to set ourselves apart from the rest of animal kingdom. This is a subject I often explore with brightly colored paintings and textile arts, while maintaining a whimsical and playful style. 

I have been tattooing since 2004 and have worked in shops in both North America and Europe. I'm highly interested in traditional forms of tattooing, including "hand-poking". In the beginning of 2017 I became certified in A.R.T. Nipple Restoration, done on all genders for an assortment of reasons, one being to help complete the journeys of breast cancer survivors recovering from mastectomies and reconstructive surgeries. 

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